University Collaboration

The University of Portsmouth

Schools across the trust aim to work closely with the University to provide a range of enrichment opportunities for the children as well as professional development for the staff. 

The Education, Research, Innovation and Consultancy (ERIC) is a part of the University that has a direct link with UPAT schools and enables in-house reasearch projects to support the development of teaching and learning. 

How we work together

Collaboration and Networking 

Each school actively works with others across our MAT, ensuring there is always a clear purpose for our collaboration. We also look outwards, working with other MATs, Local Authorities and sectors to learn from others and achieve outcomes we couldn’t alone.

Growing our Talent

We use our professional development programmes and collaboration to recruit, progress and retain talented people and build a diverse team.

Empowering School Leaders 

Our school leaders have the freedom to explore and learn from different practices as we know that authentic leadership and personal accountability are founded on ownership and self-direction within the principles set out by the trustees.

Valuing Governance

We know the positive difference our trustees and governors can make at all levels to support school improvement and challenge our schools to pursue excellence. Training and our structures provide substantial opportunities to contribute.

Prioritising wellbeing

We invest in providing our students and staff with the knowledge, skills, and support to thrive and be mentally healthy. We are committed to improving job satisfaction, where possible, by reducing unnecessary workload, promoting flexible working and providing greater autonomy over professional development.


We engage with research to learn how to teach and support students best and how to implement successful, positive change. 

Amplifying our impact in innovative ways 

We are committed to growing our impact rather than growth for growth’s sake. 

Sector Leading Services

Centrally, we focus on making a difference for schools and adding the most value.